Back Care Center

Our Back Care Center is a physical therapy–based program specializing in conditions of the spine. Overseen by Physicians, Physical Therapists, and PT Assistants, we utilize the latest Medx technology to improve strength and range of motion and bring you a renewed quality of life.

Our 9-12 week, research-proven program focuses on training, rehabilitation and reconditioning of spine structure and supporting tissue. Once the personalized sessions are completed, we teach daily exercises and activities to further strengthen your back and prevent future issues.

Medx works for muscles

Medx equipment utilizes the “progressive overload principle” for muscle strengthening and comprehensive rehabilitation. Our machines are designed to isolate and strengthen the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. They also safely test a patient’s isometric strength compared to age and gender norms. Your progress will be carefully measured from day one.

Our three primary goals: Increased range of motion, increased strength and decreased muscle aches. And when your goals are met, quality of life improves.

For the vast range of spinal conditions, we have four indispensable clinical Medx machines at the Center: cervical extension, cervical rotation, lumbar extension and torso rotation.